A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Dogey Wars.

Dogey wars is my first unity3d c# photon game. before i used Java script. but i switched and this is my first project in c#. This is my first multiplayer 2D game in unity aswell. so it was hard to make, but it was fun. "Dogey wars" has no story. it doesn't really need one, you just connect choose a team and start shooting.

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Install instructions

This is the first version of "Dogey wars". This is the alpha version of Dogey Wars, please note that this game is not finished and is still WIP. if you find any bugs please report them here: Report! Thank you for reading, enjoy! :D


Dogey wars - Alpha build 0.1.zip 15 MB
Dogey wars - Alpha build 0.1 MacOSX.zip 28 MB